SV Sister Midnight Home Page

This site/blog is where we are recording our adventures with our boat Sister Midnight.

She is a sailing boat designed by Robert Perry and is a Tashiba 40 model. The 40 is her length in feet.

We are back in Malaysia now, but on the Borneo Island part, in Miri, Sarawak (Jul 2017). The original plan was to do some repairs, then sail North towards Japan, and across the North Pacific to Alaska or Vancouver/Seattle, before heading south again. However delays have made this too difficult, and rather than rush it, we are going to leave that trip until next year, when we really should be ready. So for the rest of this year we will meander around Borneo  before heading North again in March next year.

The original plan was to sail around the world, but now we think we will sail around SE Asia and the North Pacific ocean for a year or two first while we decide what to do about the Indian Ocean and Atlantic

Check our recent posts (over on the right) for any updates.  We will both be putting up separate entries as we travel along.

Paul & Kathy