Arrived in Penang, Malaysia (by plane from Manchester)

It’s now midnight on Tuesday, local time in Penang, I started my journey here from West Kirby, in the UK yesterday at 07:30 on a drab and cold Monday morning. The trip here went flawlessly, hats off to Turkish airlines.

Bridge linking East & West

For some reason I had expected it to be nice in Turkey,but Istanbul was carpeted in snow, I saw the new bridge over the Bosphorus,  I hope soon to be able to see it from underneath as I sail one of the Baba’s through the straits.

Later on I was surprised to see Herat in Afghanistan popup on the in flight system, a place I have fond memories of, after we went out post 911 to help bake bread following the departure of the Taliban. I’m not sure if we flew over Syria, but definitely over Iran. Now if there aren’t enough keywords in this text to get GCHQ following this, then I feel like not paying my taxes anymore 😉

Flying past Herat

I have met up with the seller of the boat, and he suggested we wait until tomorrow to take a first look at the boat, the main reason being that the dock has no power at the moment, but that should be repaired today.

I like Penang, but it’s hot and very humid, like Greece in August, food is very cheap, as are most basics, however us yachties get to pay top whack for anything we need, just like anywhere else.

Typical house/shop