Sister Midnight. A new name for Wanderlust

Well after much deliberation, and derision from my friends, I have decided to rename Wanderlust as ‘Sister Midnight’.

Sister Midnight is the name of a song from Iggy Pop’s Album ‘The Idiot’. The song was co-written with David Bowie, who also gave me the name ‘Lady Stardust’ for my last¬†Baba, so I have some continuity.¬†Youtube Link

I have been a big fan of Iggy Pop since I was a young teenager, and found an album of his in my older brother’s record collection, alongside Bowie, The Velvets, Eno and a whole eclectic selection of music. For the early seventies, my brother was way ahead of the pack, for which I will always be grateful.

Another nice touch is the main line in the song is “Calling Sister Midnight…” which I may well here the coastguard or another ship say at some point, and even if I’m boarding my deflating liferaft at that point, it will still bring a smile to my face.

I’m planning to return to Midnight on the 3rd May and launch shortly afterwards, when the blog will continue.

Thanks for reading


Paul C.