Boat repairs and a trip to the haulout yard

Another very hot day. It started with a huge breakfast in the hotel, as I wanted to not have to worry about lunch later, then a taxi down to the boat in Batu Uban. As soon as I arrived I headed off with Erik to check out the boatyard at Batu Maung, where we will haul-out for a jet wash and a visual inspection of the hull. I think Batu means rock or stone in Malay. We had to drive through a building site on the way, quite crazy, the Chinese are building everywhere, huge, huge skyscraper tower blocks with gigantic shopping malls, in the middle of nowhere, I think they plan to create a whole new society in that area, that was before a very sleepy place with a craggy coastline and a little boatyard. Erik thinks they build them and th Chinese buy the properties as an investment, but they mostly sit there empty. Renting is really cheap as a consequence.



We have problems because we cant leave the marina¬†until we are near high water and we can’t get to the travel lift at the yard much after High water, and it’s a couple of hours away, maybe more depending on how fast we can go with a crabby bottom.

A haul-out was provisionally booked for Monday, and we headed back to Wanderlust to see if we could fix a few problems that were an issue for the passage, like no VHF Radio and the alternator not charging, once sorted we called it a day. I managed a good walk around the old part of town before it all shut up and managed some pictures.

View from my Hotel
ch1 taken thursday 7th
Downtown George Town