An afternoon in the lazarette

Didn’t get much sleep last night, Jet lag has a way of messing with your head, hoping to be back to normal by tomorrow (sat).

Today I spent the morning doing research and boring checks on the boat history, everything looks good and I’m progressing to the completion of the purchase, which should happen next week. Right now Im trying to work out what to do with the boat once I own her. The season for sailing the boat back ends in Feb, and she won’t be ready by then, unless I go with the basics. The alternative is to leave the boat here on her own for most of the next year, not a great plan really.


On my way to lunch with Erik, we passed this little shrine, they are everywhere here. The state religion of the Malay’s is Islam, but the Chinese make up the majority in Penang, but there is also a sizeable number of Indian, Indonesian and Thai people, so there is all manner of shrines, temples and mosques around.

Lunch was at a roadside cafe, very nice, duck leg soup with mee, a kind of pasta noodle, very tasty, and only RM7 which is about a pound. The Jam jar with the straw is iced lemon tee, very nice, so said the 100 year old waitress with no teeth.

Later we unfurled the headsail, to find it not looking to good, marked with a worn out sacrificial strip, and quite baggy.

We also had a look at the staysail, again that was a quite dirty, and damaged, so I think it’s new headsails all round. There is a spinaker below and a trisail that look in good nick. I believe the Mainsail is better, but I havent seen that yet.

Just like Lady Startdust, the steering quadrant has rusted, and one of the wooden boards in the rudder compartment had got loose and had been munched up by the quadrant, there’s a bit of cleaning up to do here. Everything else looked good, the backstay chain plate looked to be well secured.

And finally I got to destroy my new T-shirt in record time, just 4 hours I think.