Bad news

I will never forget the day David Bowie died, the same day my plans to buy a baba 40 also died. The connection is strangely real for me, as if today I had committed to buying Wanderlust, then I would be saying goodbye to ‘Lady Stardust’, a boat named after a song by David Bowie about Mark Bolan.

Yes, we had a lovely motor for 2 hours up to the boatyard, and a rather harrowing ordeal getting her into the travel lift slip, then once out and pressure washed, we could see that most of the hull was covered in blisters. Big blisters, and lots of medium blisters, and lots of small blisters, probably still growing.

This is a massive blow, to fix this properly, means peeling the hull, then drying her for a few months (probably weeks in these temperatures), then layering on fiberglass, and resin, fairing and then primer and antifoul. I don’t think I have the time for all that unless the seller makes a massive discount. Also I don’t think there is anywhere nearby that can do the work.

Oh well, we will see what happens tomorrow, but by Wednesday, I expect to be just be another tourist