Last night in Penang (at least for a few weeks)

We put the mainsail up today, I wanted to check it was ok, water seems to collect in it, in the bag, but it was all ok.

We also lost the ugly tarp and put a sun bleached, weakened canopy up, looks better but may shred in the first gust.
Next we headed off into town for a lovely Indian lunch and a walk around some sights.

Tim getting material for his blog


We had a look at the jetties, trying to spot the fuel barge and a spot to anchor tomorrow night.
Lots of cats around the jetties.
Taxi back to the boat, and a shower on the pontoon, we have water restored to the marina now, then off to supertanker for some lovely Chinese food.
In the morning we will check the tides, if I have things right, I think we can leave soon after low water and either anchor off georgetown, in the Junk anchorage, or motor direct to some islands a few hours further on. We will then anchor overnight and on Sunday push onto Langkawi

Paul C.