Lazy in Langkawi

Nice lazy day today, slept in till 9:30, Tim cooked eggs and toast for breakfast, then we went shopping at the chandlers and had a bit of a walk around. Chandelry isn’t great here, they only stock fast moving items, and stuff for local working boats. Still I got some signal halyard (small rope) which we needed after the courtesy flag halyard fell apart. We ended up in a supermarket / shopping mall and stocked up, diet coke for me, and tiger beer for Tim.

Look at the nuts on that!

Always good fun looking at the local wares

more fish
Lots of little fish
Fish, too dry for me

After shopping, back to the boat for a salad lunch while we let the sun push west, then once it was cool enough I scooted up the mast and replaced the halyard. I took a few pictures while I was up there.

The marina from aloft
Tim below
shower block
The shower block at RLYC

After a swim in the club pool, we headed into town for diner.
more pictures tomorrow

Paul  C