Rebak Marina

Up early today to head off for Rebak, this is a luxury holiday resort set on a small island off the western side of the island of Langkawi, it’s all about islands around here. The island resort has a hotel, and lots of stand alone apartments in tasteful buildings around the island. It has a lovely pool, beach, bar and restaurant. The main thing is, it has a good Marina, I suspect it was added to give the resort some glitz, i.e. perhaps Roman Abromavitch might pop in on one of his yachts, instead it ends up being full of yachty hobos.

So at 11:00 Tim expertly reversed us out of our berth, well at least on the second attempt after I had removed the hidden bow line 🙁 and we made the short 3 hour trip around the corner of the island.


On the way I took this picture,

hazards en-route

you can see a small mark, a buoy with flag. This is a fishing mark, it will have a rope and net attached to it, it might go vertically down to a lobster pot or some other kind of device, or it might go horizontally, holding a net to the boat in the distance. The net might be weighted down so it reaches the bottom of the sea, if its shallow enough, or it might be floating and drifting with the boat in the currents. It might also go off in any direction to another buoy we cant see, this is the norm. generally this is not a problem as the shape of our hull allows us to coast over the nets and ropes, but it’s always a worry we will get something wrapped around our prop, then we are in trouble.

Pushing on we arrived at the marina, we did a bit of practice manoeuvering before entering the winding river up to the pontoons.

We are the little arrow head

Next after checking in we had a look around and Tim went off to watch the Rugby while I had a go at doing some repairs to the rubbing strake.
Unfortunately the epoxy resin I mixed up Exothermed, if that’s a word, i.e. it over reacted and went from liquid to red hot solid in about 3 seconds, I didn’t even get a chance to pull my mixing stick (actually Magnum ice cream stick) out of the mix before it set. This was most disappointing as I had just spent ages filing some old teak to get a handful of sawdust to mix in to the epoxy to use as a filler for some screw holes in the teak cap rail. I’m not sure why this happened, but I suspect the combination of a small mixing container and the very high temperatures here could have something to do with it. I might try again tomorrow.

So off to see how Wales or England are doing in the rugby, Seems England won, which was good. I watched a bit of archery on the way to the bar, not something I would have expected to see in Malaysia.

I also had a wander around the boatyard, it was pleasing to see most of the boats that were here in January had gone and new ones moved in. Nothing worse than boats rotting away, or just not getting attention in a yard.
boatyard-clean This yard is so clean, I think we may haul here at some point when the antifould needs re-doing.

I left Tim to watch the end of the match and went down to the pool for a swim, It’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to do it.

Later I mentioned to Tim that people reading this might have to go to work every day

Had a very large buffet dinner, I checked that there was a good selection of veggie food for Kathy when she comes out here in August, I’m sure she will love it here.

Tomorrow is a rest day, none of this rushing around.

Paul C.