AIS Live day

So today I collected Isaacs parcel from the marina office when I checked us in, it was great to get the bits I needed. It cost £20 to get the stuff sent out, but I saved more than that on the spares Isaac sent.
I then headed off to the post office to collect the AIS which had arrived from China, this was the start of a small trauma, the post office told me to go to a different one out of town, which I felt was wrong, as the PO box was in that post office I was in. I phoned the other office and they said they didn’t have a parcel for me, but as they didn’t know who I was, I wasn’t sure we were communicating too well. The person who phoned me to tell me they had the parcel was incapable of explaining where they where to me, so I phoned around several post offices with no success. The online DHL tracking said it was at the airport, which I hoped not to be true, as that’s at the other end of the Island. To cut a long boring story short, and miss out the taxi ride where the driver got lost, I ended up picking the parcel up from DHL on the other side of town, then I walked back to the boat.

The weather has been overcast for a few days now and the temperature has dropped a lot, it’s very pleasant indeed, I may even need to move to a thicker t-shirt soon if this carries on!

On the walk back I spotted this little chappy and video’d him, he had a friend just behind him too. I wondered if one of these guys might try to get onto midnight at some point?

Then I walked through the park, past the rundown theme park, the pic below is the entrance, I would have gone in, but I was scared the caretaker might get me (old scooby doo reference)


Beyond the park is the Eagle we saw from the sea on our way in yesterday


It’s big enough. Once back at the boat, Tim showed me all the doors and drawers he had repaired with the springs Isaac sent out. they have latches powered by sponge, the sponge had failed with old age and the drawers no longer stayed shut when you closed them and tipped the boat over, as we found out in the big sea yesterday. Now they stay shut, just as Mr Perry (the boats designer) intended.
Tim helped me install the AIS transponder, and that’s up and running, albeit with a temporary aerial. So we are broadcasting our position, but you won’t see it on the internet, as nobody here seems to be feeding it into the net. Still we are now legal to pop into Thailand anytime we like.
The last job was to replace the leaking valve on the head with the new part Isaac sent, that was a quick job and went well. All in all Sister Midnight is a better boat today than yesterday.

A great dinner at wonderland, our favourite Chinese eatery here, finished off the days activities. Tomorrow we have to chase the dinghy repair man and find out what he is doing with our dinghy.

Paul C.