Cleaning day

Today started with more varnishing, I think it’s going to be difficult to do much varnishing here as the humidity and temperature are just too high.
Next we had to deal with the broken gas shut off valve. This is an electric solenoid that allows me to turn off the gas from the galley without having to pop outside to the gas locker. I had to strip it down and fix a broken wire then epoxy it back together, it now works. My problem is this boat has American systems everywhere, and the gas is all plumbed using USA fittings, which I can’t get here. I have a vague plan of taking the boat to Seattle one day and selling her there, so I would like to keep the American bits where possible. The two 5 US Gallon gas aluminium (or aluminum if your in America) tanks are especially great for cruising.
Anyway, my repair worked, and should last until replacement parts can be obtained from the states.

I took advantage of the fact that all the bits of the gas system had to come out of the gas locker to give it a good clean, this however made me realise how dirty the cockpit surround was so I then moved onto cleaning the fiberglass in the cockpit, this came up lovely and now needs to be polished to get a shiny gleam to it.

Finally with all the cleaning done it was off to town for some shopping and dinner. After dinner Tim took a cab back to the boat and I had a leisurely stroll home, taking the snaps below on my way.

Think this is a temple
Market on the waterfront
Kids park
It’s always Christmas here, or maybe not during Ramadam?



It’s Tim’s last full day here tomorrow as he flies off on Monday, so I think we will go for a motor/sail around the Island.


Paul C