Best bread yet

Tim cooked a loaf today, best ever, he has left me some ‘starter’ which looks like wood glue, but apparently is alive, but subdued in the fridge. Like Frankenstein, I will be bringing it back to life shortly and attempting to turn it into an edible loaf.
Tim took a taxi to the airport at lunchtime, it’s been great having him here to help with the work and to just enjoy the boat, after all thats the boats main purpose. I made a list of shops I wanted to check out, especially I was looking for anchor lights, off I marched and covered a lot of ground, despite the heat. I got some lights, not quite what I wanted, but they should work, basically all round flashing white lights I can put on the boat when at anchor. After shopping I called by the food area that is on the was home near the main shopping mall, I’m not quite sure what it’s all about, that is , is it just a Ramadan thing, I suspect not, but it was quite amazing, stall after stall of great food, snacks, meals, drinks, puddings etc. A bit like the oriental food stalls at an open air festival, but multiplied by 100. I bought a stack of food, and a massive juice drink, possibly mango, for less than £3


Anyone for Curry


Some Veg?
Fish looks great
This man happily sold me a dozen pasties for about £2
Im having one of these for my pudding in a mo, no idea what it is.


I will be going back soon, to stock up the fridge.

I feel a bit sorry for Kathy as it was mostly meat/fish orientated. I expect we will find a veggie option, I did spot this place on the way home, it said ‘open new moon and full moon’ which seems a strange way to run a business, but it does say “Clean-Moderate-Delicious”, who could refuse that!


Closer to the marina I watched a row of palm trees being planted, there’s lot of work going on around here to smarten the place up.


I took a shortcut through a row of Malaysian restaurants on the way back and caught this little chappie on video. I’m hoping he kept well clear of the kitchens, for his sake.


After a little swim at the yacht club I snapped this sunset, that’s the Rebak and Telaga area in the background. I could get to like it here.


However now Tim has gone it’s 24/7 maintenance on the boat. I need to get as many jobs sorted out before I return home next week. I have a very long lists of jobs, but the biggest is probably the varnishing of the rub rails and cap rails. Im hoping my anchor and dinghy repair will arrive in the next couple of days, as I plan to leave for Penang on Friday.

Paul C.