No Anchor, No Dinghy, No Fun

That’s an Iggy pop reference…

So the anchor was delayed in customs, it’s now been released so the delivery day has slipped to Saturday, a few days after I was planning on leaving Langkawi and heading back to Penang. Also the dinghy was meant to be ready today, but that hasn’t shown up, to be fair I didn’t chase it, been very busy sanding all day. I started on the cap rail and rubbing strake, it’s going well, but the wood is much darker than I would like, also has many black stains. I’m looking into lightening it.
So eight hours sanding and a first layer of varnish on half the job, then a swim, supermarket, finally an omelette for dinner.

Tomorrow more of the same, I probably wont blog as I’m going to be busy getting the boat ready for the trip to Penang.