We’re flying

So we launched this morning, a little delayed, but that’s how things work here. All in all I’m very happy with the work they did in the yard here. They hauled me out within an hour of me phoning them, and we were back in the water a few days later. 

I’m getting quite blasé about the whole launching thing now, however, they had a guy helping who didn’t understand boats much and they almost scratched the boat when it was lowered, as the current tried to take it away before they got the shore lines on. In the end it went fine, and I reversed out into a strong current, I had swung by 45 deg before the bow sprit cleared the dock, so I had to reverse fast and whack the bow thruster on full power. It looked quite normal from the dock, but was a bit hairy from the helm. I also hadn’t realised that the dinghy was blocking my view, as I had lifted it up high onto the foredeck.

From the dock I motored down to Pulau Kendi, which is just an hour or so to the west. Lots of nets to dodge on the way. I was extremely pleased to find the new propellor pitch works well. I can now get the engine up to 3000RPM and the hull speed was nearly 8 knots, in calm water. I also burnt off a bit of soot on the way here which is good. I need to see how the engine performs on a longer run now.

This little island anchorage is my home for the night, I have cleaned the decks, and tidied up the boat, when you are on the hard, you can’t use the toilet, shower or the sinks, as the drains go out the side of the boat. The sink was particularly messy as I kept the old coffee contents in it 🙁

A lot of fishing boats are anchored here,  it seems to be the place to come for a nap, well protected from the big sea to the west and NW winds. The weather forecast is for light winds with a few thunderstorms, so nothing too exciting.

I will leave for Pangkor tomorrow morning at 7AM ish.


Paul Collister