Listening to Iggy Pop in Malaysia

Yes, I have radio 6 music streaming, which is just great, and it seems appropriate that as I select “New Post” and get ready to upload a pic of Sister Midnight, the man himself pops up.

Up early to get the new boat name on the hull before its to hot. I’m outside at 8:30 to find the cutless bearing being fitted, next the prop shaft was put in, but no prop yet.

prop-shaft-fittedThe boat name is sticky back plastic, kindly created for me by my long time friend Dave Fairbairn. I tried my best, but there’s a skill involved, and I just don’t have it, it’s made harder by the shape of the hull and the planking effect. Anyway from a distance a partially sighted person would think it just fine.

starboard-quarterNext I decided to check the three seacocks (taps on the water inlets and outlets through the hull)  that are impossible to reach without an hours worth of emptying lockers, two were OK after a bit of persuading, but the most remote one snapped off. This is a show stopper, as it can only be replaced out of the water and if the pipe connected to it sprung a leak then the boat would sink with no way to turn it off. I may get the other two done at the same time just as it’s probably easier now.

Had a good tidy up,  and threw a lot of junk out, however I can’t find any pots or pans, which is a mystery.

slightly less messy

Dinner back at the same Chinese place, very nice.

dinner venue

This is the autopilot, looks pretty primitive, almost meccano in its finesse. However on a boat simple is best. The vertical shiny bar is the rudder stock. I may have to remove the autopilot to access the seacock, I suspect the seacock was fitted before the rudder as well, great!


This one is for Isaac who as a child had an obsession with how many yanmars an engine was (HP), this was a customs boat launched today, wouldn’t like to try and outrun him.

customs And this chappy found his way onto the deck, Can’t think how, almost like being at sea again.
Up early tomorrow to sort out the seacock.

Paul C