Boat Cleaning

It seemed quite cool this morning so I decided to get the Genoa off the cabin table and onto its furler. In the olden days they called it ‘bending the sails on”. What a palaver, first I strained my arm trying to winch it up, it’s actually a massive sail, and weighs a lot, so pulling it up by hand, as I do on the baba 30, wasn’t an option. I had to winch it up, I suspect some silicone spray on the luff might have helped. Besides the stains on the sail, she looks in good nick. Tomorrow I will put up the staysail, this should be the same as the Genoa on the baba 30 and a lot easier.

genoa 2 genoa

After such strenuous work, I thought it time to check if the freezer bit of the fridge worked and if my Magnums where still good after 3 days, which they where. All for research purposes of course.

ice cream Next onto the head and shower cubicle, or just the shower as it turned out, I got carried away, and decided on a full renovation job, so spent hours carefully removing slapdash varnishing and stains from the gelcoat interior. Now it looks great, it works too, the sump pump that drains the shower is really efficient, I’m not sure where it’s going yet.

Then a bit of tidying up in the main cabin as it’s easy without the sails there. and she’s starting to look cosy.

cabinI also registered the boat with the marina, and I can stay as long as I like, which is tempting.
Went to a food court called SuperTanker tonight with my neighbours, Erik, Dave and Tash (not sure of the spelling there), had Chinese food, chicken and rice, very nice, also banana and peanut pancake.

Tonights sunset from the marina

Tomorrow more cleaning, and possibly a trip to Tesco!

Don’t worry, I’m going to stop posting if my posts stay as boring as this.

Paul C.