Getting there

Up early, determined to get the cleaning out of the way. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I want to have a relaxing day, no cleaning!

So I finished the main cabin, except for the area around the chart table, I need to do a bit of carpentry there, so that’s Mondays job.

I must say, the boat is really nice now, in fact, as Homer once said “Classy” that’s not Homer of the Iliad fame, the other more famous one 😉

cabin 1
Paul out with all his mates
cabin 3
View from the galley

I found a small stack of dead cockroaches, I’m pretty sure the cockroaches are long gone, I can’t see any traces and haven’t heard anything. I do sometimes hear a knocking on the hull, and rush up to see who’s there, to no avail, I think I cracked it today, it’s the resident otter banging on the hull. Caught a brief appearance of him/her on video today, will post it if I don’t get a better shot soon.

I have been listening to local radio all day, not sure I can take much more, just like Spain, they only seem to have about ten records to get them through the day, I also think they must have got a low royalty deal on Cold Play, can’t bear his whiny voice, heard better singing from cats.

Had Pasta & Pesto tonight, with grated parmesan, very European. I also met up with Emile, the guy who was evicted, he stopped to say hello as he was showing some new arrivals where everything was. Seems to be coping at anchor.

Paul C