Tools and spares

Boating requires you to carry a spare boat with you, in pieces, plus enough raw materials to build a third boat if needed. That’s not counting the dinghy I carry, and the spare parts for the dinghy.

Seriously, I have spent all day going though the spares and tools on the boat, the main thing is they are only any good if you know you have them and know where they are. When I started yachting some 15 years ago with Tim in Greece, I soon realised that you could spend your whole life emptying every locker in the boat looking for something, each and every time. As the memory loss is kicking in this problem gets worse. So to combat this I wrote a little iPhone app that I catalog everything on. It has a great search facility, and it really works, as long as you keep it up to date every time you stow something.

Todays catch of tools

So that was my day, I emptied out the quarter berth, that had been the spares/toolroom and found better homes for everything, so now Tim, or any other visitors will have a berth with lots of stowage space. Now it’s empty, I will spend tomorrow cleaning it thoroughly

Paul C.