Electrics -Nearly there

I was up early to finish off the electrics then get into town and buy some chandlery. I ran a cable through to the battery charger from the switch panel, and changed the connectors for the shore power and fired it all up. The lights lit up on the panel, as you can no doubt see below

3 lights on the right are where its at

However, on checking the water heater I found it worked great, after 30 minutes I had hot water in the head sink and in the shower, which was great, but none in the galley, which is where I need it the most. In fact the hot water isn’t reaching the galley at all, I assumed a stop┬ácock somewhere, but it’s not to be found, lots of rummaging around got me nowhere, going to have to do some serious following of hose tomorrow.

Next I found I had mains going to the wall sockets everywhere except in the galley, which is where most of it is used on the Kettle and toaster. So off I went in search of a wiring problem, 6 hours later I have solved it, but I need to buy new sockets, 3 separate faults on the same circuit conspired to mislead me, it’s a bit like when you see both brake lights on your car have stopped working, you cant imagine both bulbs failing at once, so head off looking for a supply fault, only to find one bulb failed a few months ago, the other recently, and it was only when they both had failed you noticed.


Above is a small section of wiring I had to work through, this can’t be accessed very easily, if only there was a better way to wire boats. you can probably see a hose there too, there is absolutely no water in this part of the boat so I have no idea what that hose is doing behind the electrics panel. It’s just occurred to me it might be a water tank vent pipe.

It’s midnight and I’m calling it a day. Tomorrow it’s back to sorting out the engine panel, the jobs list is slowly getting smaller, and I now feel I have a good understanding of the boat and it’s parts, as I work through it. I must say, I’m still very pleased and can’t wait to get out on the water, which hopefully will be within a week or two.