No eggs! Thousand thunders man

So it was omelette night last night on account of having no other choice, also I wanted to see if I could  salvage anything from the post mugged eggs that broke, These were the individually wrapped eggs that where quite pricey. I bought them because eggs, like chickens here are very cheap, and everywhere, I saw loads of people in the supermarket buying several hundred eggs at a time. Most of the eggs come in a minimum of 12 but often 48 or bigger packs, they don’t seem to do organic or free range that I can tell, but they do have vitamin enhanced, which sounds dodgey. So when I saw these more expensive individual wrapped eggs in packs of 4, I assumed they were going to be special, that was until last night when I went to crack one open and got the shock of my life

The century egg

I should have realised the clue is in the name, it’s a century egg, named so because it’s a raw egg that’s been pickled/preserved for 100 years, however they seem to have got the process down to a few weeks through the use of modern technology. It was like a badly coloured hard boiled egg that smelt awful, no use for an omelette, but actually quite tasty.

Today I was up early and marched miles to a bus stop to head off to the chandlers, spent loads, and was quite pleased to get nearly everything I needed. Walking back to the bus station, I passed the entrance to the town marina, so popped in to see what it looked like, I had heard most of the pontoons were damaged or missing and it had long been closed. I took the picture below and can confirm the pontoons don’t look great.

penang marina
Remains of the marina

So back to work, need to get the nav lights working, last night when I opened the port red bow light it started to crumble in my hand, I could see badly corroded connections inside so left it and bought a new lamp housing today, I fitted it, and had to re-jig the wiring as it’s been installed rather badly at some point. Anyway it still didn’t work, which didn’t surprise me, a dive into the chain locker found a lot of corrosion on the connecters that supply the power

Bow light connecter in chain locker

So I cleaned these up, the Ancor (brand name, nothing to do with anchors) high spec cable was rusted through, and cracking. I thought that wasn’t meant to happen with pre tinned wire, still a bit of scrubbing and we were up and running. One day I will redo all of this as Im not happy with the cable and its routing.


I do have a problem that the starboard light can be seen all over the show, I suspect the problem is they have used the wrong bulb, I’m going to acquire the right bulbs before I tackle this.


So tomorrow I’m off to the Mall to pay a silly amount of money for some power tools for the boat, then the lights on the mast are next. I have also run out of food and drink, there are no shops within 30 mins walk of the boat.

Paul C