Stuck at anchor still

Just a quick note to say that today’s attempt at removing the fishing line from the prop failed. It started well, but then my legs were stung by a jellyfish, I left the water pronto, and after a half hour, the stinging had stopped. I don’t have my wetsuit here, in fact my whole wardrobe is basically shorts and t-shirts, with some light trousers for more formal occasions, or when we go out in a mossy rich area. So I donned a pair of dirty old trousers and some socks that were last worn in Manchester and went back in. The visibility was awful, and I couldn’t see the prop at all, but I could feel the fishing line all bunched up on it, so I hacked away with various sharp implements until out of nowhere, a jelly fish swam into my face and decided to ‘have a go’. I started flailing around to get it away, which resulted in my arms as well as my face getting stung. I ended up on the wrong side of the boat for getting back on board, no ladder or ropes, but I had often wondered if I could easily haul myself back up using the wind steering frame bolted to the back of the boat. Guess what, I was up and over the back of the boat in seconds.
Then the pain kicked in, I can honestly say, that has to be the most painful thing I have ever experienced. It took about two hours to get the pain under control, and as I write this now, 10 hours later, and quite a bit of codine, paracetamol and Ibuprofen consumed, the pain is finally subsiding.
I didn’t think I would go back in the water ever again earlier, but I’m now working on how to construct a jellyfish safe suit with whats on the boat.

I took this GoPro picture of the prop to see how I got on, and the misty ethereal shape running up and down, is actually alive, and probably good for a sting too.

I contacted a local Marina manager for advise, he told me I was too far away for them to come out and help, and that I should try the coastguard. So I flagged down a passing fisherman this afternoon. He didn’t speak English, but seemed to understand my gestures and indicated he might be able to help. There are lots of fishing boats in the area, one of them must have a guy with scuba gear? Anyway a few hours later a fast fishing boat came screaming towards me,  they pulled up alongside, and I thought this looked promising, I asked if they had come to help, but they said no, they had come to see if I had any beer for them. Most odd, I told them I didn’t and they raced away laughing.
So I’m just about to cook dinner and retire, hopefully tomorrow will start off better. I have 12 eggs, so at three eggs an omelette, I’m cool for 4 days. although I think the mushroom filling is only good for another day.
If the wind picks up, it’s mostly about 5 knts through the day, I will set sail to the south and see how far I can get. I don’t fancy having to negotiate the nets with no motor backup, or having to anchor in a random place when night falls.
It seems it’s not all idyllic beaches and sunsets after all 😉

Paul Collister