Weather worries

Just a quick update. We are in Thailand now, but yet to check in at our port of entry, which is Phuket. We are anchoring at various islands/rocks en route. It’s taking a long time to get there as we can’t sail at night, there are far to many unlit fishing boats and nets, and the weather is against us, so we do 25 mile hops each day. Now we are in Koh Phi Phi , Koh means Island, and phi is pronounced pee, better know as the location of the file “the beach” with some guy called Leandro de capricious starring.

We did plan to leave tomorrow for Phuket but I just saw a forecast on the navtex saying small boats should stay ashore! The forcast I was working to, based on grib data from the GFS model made it look like a nice passage. So I need to do more research.

No pictures as data or wifi is difficult here, but we took some great pictures the last few days.

The boat is working well, we have been in some quite heavy weather and I now have a lot of confidence in our new rigging which is holding the mast up, I also know how she handles in big 30+ knot gusts with full sail up, which is surprisingly well. But I don’t want to experience that again.

Had to deal with Kathy shouting the headsail is in the water and that water is coming into the boat during the big blows, but it all worked out fine in the end. Graphic details to follow 😀

Paul C

One thought on “Weather worries”

  1. I recall when we were in Malaysia that weather further North always seemed quite a bit worse. Guess you are getting that now. Are you able to go ashore at Koh Phi Phi? Or are you stuck aboard? Maybe the wind is keeping you there?

    I’m glad the spade seems to be working out well.

    Full sails up in 30+ eh? I always recall you telling me that it’s easier to shake out a reef in light winds that put one in during the blow 😉

    Safe travels

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