Langkawi & Rebak

Today I set off at 06:30 in search of a home for Wanderlust, at least until Jan 2017, when I plan to sail her back to Barcelona. The early start was needed to get across the main area, Georgetown, before the jams started. The fast ferry sped at 25knots for nearly 3 hours north, before arriving at the Island of Langkawi (lang as in language, and Kawi, as in to be a bit like a cow, cow-ee) .

Fast ferry, Penang - Langkawi
Fast ferry, Penang – Langkawi

I checked out the main chandlery in the ferry port, not much in stock, not even rope, he just orders it in when you need it, so no fun there. then off to the hotel to check in. I picked one near a beach, just in case I got the chance to have a swim, which I didn’t.

From The hotel I took a short cab ride to the jetty, for the private motor launch that takes you out to Rebak Island, now this is a select 5 start private resort, on its own tropical paradise island, complete with rain forest, monkeys, coconuts, the lot. You can only go there if you’re a paying guest, or if you keep your boat in the marina there.  It’s actually cheaper to keep a boat there than in Liverpool, or even the cheaper marinas in Spain, plus you get to enjoy the 5* facilities of the resort. So it’s definitely a contender.

Private launch to Rebak Island

The Island is lovely, very relaxingrebak-pool

The marina looks perfect.

rebak-marina-panThe best bit about the Marina, is that there’s about 6 Bob Perry designed boats here, 7 if I bring Wanderlust.

Back in my hotel chalet you can see how English works so much better if you simplify itwifi

Im running out of battery and didn’t bring the charger, so the rest will have to wait, below is tonights sunset over Rebak island


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