Telaga and Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC)

I’m back on Penang island now, after a lovely day on Langkawi. Yesterday I checked out the luxury marina on Rebak island, and today I travelled to the north west of the island to check out Telaga harbour and met up with some resident marine professionals, a surveyor and a rigger. Telaga harbour was basic, but enough for my needs, perhaps a little isolated, but a lovely beach and anchorage

Telaga anchorage
Telaga marina

Before I left Telaga, I managed to get a swim in the sea, very nice too, probably the hottest water I ever swam in.

The beach at Telaga

After a long taxi ride back to the main ferry port, I visited the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RYLC), which is adjacent, and does suffer a little from the ferry wash.


The yacht club is nearing the end of a complete refurbishment, and is looking good, I had been told it was a difficult place to enter, as it’s tidal, but it looked like a doddle to me, perhaps my experience on the river Mersey & Dee has toughened me up a bit, but I couldn’t see an issue, wide berths, long fingers and plenty of turning room. I would probably wait for slack water for my first attempt though.

Looking around the marina, I spotted a few more Perry designed boats, Is there a big Perry magnet under Malaysia that draws the boats here and keeps them here, This boat below, which looks like a Baba 40, similar to Wanderlust, has more teak on it than any Baba I have seen before, a quick google tells me this is a baba 40 from 1980, so quite an early one.

An early baba 40?

So out of the three marinas, Rebak was the prettiest, and most relaxing and chilled, Telaga was good, but full for the foreseeable future and RLYC, which seems just fine.

The ferry ride back was fun, I got a window seat on the top deck and got a great view of the islands along the way

View from ferry returning to Penang

Im spending tomorrow putting the boat to bed, as much as I can, then going straight from the boatyard to the airport and flying home, I’m going to have to shower and change with a hose pipe under the boat, before heading to my flight, not exactly how I would have liked things to be, but I’m sure it will be fine. More worried about keeping the boat fresh for the very hot months ahead.

I don’t expect to post again until my next trip back here in April, when hopefully the hull will be looking like new, with a bow thruster fitted.

In the meantime, enjoy a bit more Malay simplified English, from the ferry terminal.

I suppose it's still beter than my Malay
I suppose it’s still beter than my Malay

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