New Website Name

I guess you worked that out, as you’re here.
I’m back in the UK now, the boat is being worked on in Penang, and Erik is keeping an eye on it for me.
Can’t work out what to do with the boats name, I was going to get as a Website name, but it’s already taken, by another yachtie blogger, so I went for until I get a real name for this boat. My problem is to change the name, I need to update the registration, which involves a change of owner, which might be difficult as it’s a US registered vessel and I’m not an American. I could make it a EU registered vessel, but then I get hit with 21% VAT or more when I enter Europe, and as the boat is passing through Europe and may end up being sold outside of Europe, that tax would be wasted. Not to mention the hassles of getting RCD in Europe (A boat safety certificate, generally only provided for newer boats by their makers). I’m looking into Malaysian registration, at least until I leave the EU’s waters.
The boat is getting the hull fixed up, a bow thruster fitted and the topsides tarted up. The rest of the jobs will be done when I return in April/May and move the boat North to Langkawi.

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