All alone in Malaysia

Kathy is back in Liverpool now and I’m having to endure this relentless heat on my own. Actually, I decided to go crazy now she has left and yesterday I headed off into town for some fun. First stop was the department store where I bought an omelette pan, guess what I’m having for dinner tonight, and a food processor. Next I bought a giant bag of kit-kat chocolate bars, it’s going to be wild back on the boat tonight, I have already ground some coffee beans up that I’ve had since Tim was here and made a very strong cup of coffee. I might even make up a smoothie with all the fruit that’s hanging around (literally) on the boat.

Seriously I have made a list of the chores and tasks to work on. They are:

  1. Work out where our next stop is, somewhere between Africa and America (not the Atlantic side) is as close as I have it now.
  2. Sort out the head waste system, somehow the holding tank is filling up, yet it’s not connected!
  3. Get the engine looked at, it’s like I used to be, smoking and drinking too much
  4. Get a new canopy made, the current ones won’t last much longer
  5. Get the boat hauled out, the hull checked for damage after the grounding, and some new antifoul
  6. Get the water-maker into service
  7. Source some new solar panels, these computers/phones use more power than I thought
  8. Buy a liferaft
  9. Wash the hull and polish, this could wait till the haulout
  10. Fit the WiFi aerial.

There’s quite a few other minor jobs as well, but these are my main tasks I need to complete in the next week or two, certainly before Kathy gets back.

I have uploaded these two videos to accompany Kathy’s blog about the river trip in Tarutao, It doesn’t look as good as it was, honest. I’m still trying to learn what works and what doesn’t, probably should have taken a video making course before I started this trip. Must also remember to keep the lens clean, sorry 🙁

Going in

Heading home

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