Sister Midnight. A new name for Wanderlust

Well after much deliberation, and derision from my friends, I have decided to rename Wanderlust as ‘Sister Midnight’.

Sister Midnight is the name of a song from Iggy Pop’s Album ‘The Idiot’. The song was co-written with David Bowie, who also gave me the name ‘Lady Stardust’ for my last¬†Baba, so I have some continuity.¬†Youtube Link

I have been a big fan of Iggy Pop since I was a young teenager, and found an album of his in my older brother’s record collection, alongside Bowie, The Velvets, Eno and a whole eclectic selection of music. For the early seventies, my brother was way ahead of the pack, for which I will always be grateful.

Another nice touch is the main line in the song is “Calling Sister Midnight…” which I may well here the coastguard or another ship say at some point, and even if I’m boarding my deflating liferaft at that point, it will still bring a smile to my face.

I’m planning to return to Midnight on the 3rd May and launch shortly afterwards, when the blog will continue.

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Paul C.



5 thoughts on “Sister Midnight. A new name for Wanderlust”

  1. I like it. I like it. Can’t wait until your adventures resume in May! Can we sign up to know when new posts are made?

    1. Hi Bruce, Thanks, will start the blog up proper on the 6th May when I get back to Malaysia.
      I can investigate about notifications, it must be possible on wordpress.

      Cheers, Paul.

      1. I can hear JJ Cale riffing in with After Midnight when you purchase the next one;)
        Or maybe that will be my one!

        1. Go for it, not sure I will have the stamina for any more boats after this one!
          I put a new post up, it should be possible to subscribe now for notifications on updates.

    2. Hi Bruce, I’m blogging again, it should be possible to get notifications now, I added a widget and twiddled some dooberies, so let me know if that helps.

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