Pictures from Tioman, Tekek

Had a lazy day today, I did a few basic chores around the boat, and tomorrow will be the same. The outboard is very sluggish now, feels like the petrol is stale, but it’s only 3-4 months old? I’m all tooled up to give it a service, so hopefully we can be back to razzing around shortly.

The anchor is still holding, but it wasn’t tested much today, and tonight it is so calm, I keep forgetting we are even at sea. Last night a big tug boat came in and tied to the jetty we are anchored off. It looked disused, so I didn’t expect any visitors, he stayed for 24 hours and popped off again.

Once the sun died down a bit we went ashore for dinner and a wander.

I snapped this picture of the Sister on our way in, the ominous looking clouds behind never amounted to much, but they do make the hull look whiter than she actually is.

It’s usual to find concrete roads here, Tarmac wouldn’t last as well and would cost more in upkeep.

Above is genuine tropical rainforest , below is genuine tropical monkey

Tropical Kathy, on the beach with a lot of electrical cable, entangled with fishing nets. I expect there is a story there.

Dinner, with a very nice view. And a cat wondering if we left any for him/her.


Paul Collister

2 thoughts on “Pictures from Tioman, Tekek”

  1. What an adventure, I’m off to Spain next Wednesday { Ellie is taking me wind surfing in Tariffa } for a few weeks and was about to download a few ‘kindles’ but having only just picked up your intrepid tales, I think I’ll just go through Paul & Kathy’s ‘back catalogue’ I’m looking forward to the next instalment!
    Good luck

    1. Welcome on board Rob, Yes, there’s a lot of posts to read if you are starting now. You can skip mine and just read Kathy’s unless you want to learn about my escapades with nut, bolts, varnish. The ‘trolley on my head’ and the ‘Jellyfish attack’ are my worst moments.
      Be careful in Tariffa, it’s windy there, and the next landfall is central America I think.
      Cheers, Paul & Kathy

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