How to get the blues

A short post about Friday and a recipe for the blues.

  1. First spend days, no weeks, nay, nearly months, cleaning, sanding and polishing your new boat.
  2. Stand back and admire.
  3. Decide to paint the blue strip on the side now the varnish is looking good.
  4. Fill a jug (1/2 pint) with blue gloss paint (Marine and expensive).
  5. Stand on the pontoon, brush in one hand, paint in the other.
  6. Jump onto the boat holding both items carefully, wouldn’t want an accident 😉
  7. Don’t forget before item 6, to make sure you tie a strong piece of rope about 6 inches above the side deck, in the area you are going to jump onto.
  8. Jump, trip over said rope, throw, not pour, but throw all of the paint (did I mention it’s gloss) over the boat.
  9. Make sure to cover awning, coach roof, power cables, oars, air-con, coachroof side, portlights, deck, grab-rails, cap-rail and yourself in blue paint.
  10. Stand back and admire / cry
  11. Make matters worse by rubbing paint with cloth and spreading everywhere.

Not my finest moment I have to admit. I would love to have a picture to show the mess, but Kathy rushed to the scene on hearing my screams and we both proceeded to get into the cleaning up task. I’m happy to say, that with the help of a big jug of turpentine, you wouldn’t be able to tell there had been an accident, other than for the canopy, which has a limited life anyway.
Yesterday, I varnished over a spot of blue paint I had missed on the rub rail, I decided to leave that as a permanent reminder to myself to be more careful in future.

A less traumatic post follows of our Saturday excursions to two extremes adjacent to each other, The Buddhist shrines, and the Western modern day equivalent, the Mall

And just so there’s a pic with this post, how about another bowsprit update 😉

Ready to be put back together now
Ready to be put back together now

Paul C.


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